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Our farm is located in Dover, Pennsylvania between York and Harrisburg,

not far from Historical Gettysburg. Our log house was built in the

late 1700's. Stories go that confederate soldiers walked down the road, which is now just a rightaway between our farm and the next farm, to get to Gettysburg for the

famous Gettysburg battle. Some were killed along the way.

I started with Alpines, Nubians and Saanens back in the early 80's for pets. I quickly fell in love with the Saanens. C-Creek Saanens began when my husband purchased three Saanen doe kids as a gift for my birthday in 1991. In 1995, thinking I had the most beautiful goats on earth, we had our herd linear appraised. We were surprised to see that our scores were not very high. In 1996 we decided to go on DHIR test, only to find that our milkers were average producers. Our herd has come a long way since those days. In 1997 we purchased two does that would turn our breeding program around: SGCH Windsor-Manor TRD Buffy 2*M (picture above) and her daughter SGCH Exempler SnoBetty Boo 3*M. Next we invested in high quality bucks. We truly appreciate the breeders who helped us get started and advised us through the years, especially Windsor Manor and Starfire. We also appreciate the linear appraisers. From the very first session we realized what a powerful tool Linear Appraisal is in helping us breed a better goat.

Our grandson Jake

going Best in Show at the 

2011 Pennsylvania State Farm Youth Show

and 2009 York Fair Youth Show.

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